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'This Metal Is Worth More Than Gold, and It Scrubs Your Car's Exhaust'

Here’s something else worth more than its weight in gold (just sold for $22 million):


Wow, I think I just got some of that put in yesterday. I’m becoming more valuable day by day.

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Hmmm… today’s price on gold is $1,238.29; $22M pays for 1,110 pounds. Does it weigh that little?

In your teeth? It used to be a cheaper ‘noble’ metal, used to cut gold. I remember white gold jewelry that was gold and palladium.

Palladium is now equal ($1240 or so) with gold and platinum is about $740 an ounce. Platinum is used in dentistry but was replaced by palladium as a cheaper alternative in the 70’s. The price has turned so likely platinum and its alloys will again be favored.

This Ferrari sold for $70 Million and it weighs about 2315 lbs sooo… $1890 an ounce!

The Ferrari wins the Gold!


Can anyone guess the value?

Getting into my realm of expertise.

The picture of “palladium” in the converter in the article is a little misleading also. The picture shows the ceramic (I guess?) substrate. Small amounts of platinum, palladium, and rhodium are infused in the substrate.

Years ago, when platinum was at a high, the police asked me if we’d seen an increase in converters coming in. Apparently someone had removed every converter from the car inventory at the local Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep dealership.

I always wondered how they first discovered the converters were missing. Did someone test drive a Caravan with open headers?

Fortunately, we hadn’t purchased them.

@RandomTroll - I got the wrong car. This one sold for $48 million. More than its weight in gold.

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Gold is traded by the troy ounce, not the avoirdupois ounce. A troy ounce weighs 480 grains verses the 437.5 grain avoirdupois ounce. At $1,238.29 per troy ounce, $22,000,000 will buy 17766.436 troy ounces of gold which would weigh 1218.27 avoirdupois pounds or 1480.54 troy pounds. There are only 12 troy ounces in a troy pound, so while the troy ounce is heavier than the avoirdupois ounce, the troy pound is lighter than the avoirdupois pound.

Also, the avoirdupois ounce is divided into 16 drams, the troy ounce in divided into 20 pennyweights.

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Isn’t palladium what they make cold-fusion reactors with? As far as I know that technology has never panned out. But wouldn’t be ironic if the stuff that makes cats work is also what fuels electric cars so cheaply that it makes cats unnecessary :wink:

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for everything in the picture, 200 bucks?

Not a bad guess! Would be a somewhat fair offer. They’d be worth around twice that to a refiner, but there’s a bunch of middlemen who need to make their money, unless you have a lot of volume and deal directly with a refiner.

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cold-non-fusion reactors. I looked up the reaction that had to have happened, saw that it emitted a lot of neutrons, knew fusion hadn’t happened because they hadn’t died from the neutrons.

BTW, there is a successful cold fusion. Read Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal B. Naranjo, J.K. Gimzewski & S. Putterman NATURE | VOL 434 | 28 APRIL 2005

Interesting. Coincidentally there’s a new theory out, published just last month by a Japanese research team. This new theory bypasses the proton-proton fusion problem, and says the cold fusion experiments using palladium aren’t protons fusing, but electrons combining w/ protons, yielding neutrons and gamma rays.

This isn’t fusion, is an already-known and well-characterized process, yields little energy.

That is interesting… I haven’t been keeping up with precious metals but am most surprised by the drop in platinum prices since the last time I paid any attention.

I work on computers for a living and break down junkers down as easily as practical. I don’t dissolve the gold off the boards with acid or anything. This is dangerous and I believe it is illegal in my state without special permits so it isn’t worth the hassle with the quantity I collect. Basically anything that physically unscrews or pops apart easily comes apart gets separated. Boards with gold fingers and pins are most valuable. The steel housings are the least value and get sold as scrap tin. Aluminum and copper heatsinks, etc. get put in containers of all the same category. Wiring and cables go in another as a dirty grade of copper since I do not strip the wires.

There is also a category for lithium batteries which is probably the most important to electric cars. One thing I have been learning is that the same basic batteries are used in MANY types of rechargeable devices these days. The same batteries that power laptops are also used for electric cars. These packs power eVape pens, power tools, and such as well.

The standard battery cell up to now has been the 18650 cell. That is 18mm wide and 650mm long. An array of these in series and/or parallel powers your laptop or cordless power tools these days. They also make LED headlamps that take this same style of battery. I used to buy cheap no-name batteries off eBay but they were complete junk. I have found that if you CAREFULLY disassemble a failed laptop battery using these cells, only one or two of them is usually bad and the rest are just fine. One cell usually fails and any in parallel with it also die but the rest are still OK. These are far superior cells, even used, compared to the Chinese fakes out there. These used cells run many hours in my LED headlamps and I am now loaded up with these things from all the junk laptop batteries I have come across.

There is a new cell, the 21700 cell. This one is just a larger version for greater capacity and higher discharge rates without overheating. I understand this was developed largely for electric cars but has trickled down into power tools, lighting, and eVape equipment. I don’t eVape but sites dedicated to vaping are a great resource for researching the various types of rechargeable batteries.

I recently purchased a Milwaukee M18 electric chainsaw and have to say that I am impressed. They compare it to the power of a 45cc gas saw and have to say it is pretty much on par. The torque is insane. Little twigs that would stop even the largest gas saw in its tracks are no match for this thing. It either rips right through them or pulls the chain off the bar if it remains stuck. The torque curve on this thing takes some getting used to. It came with the largest capacity 12ah batteries. These use the new larger 21700 cells for greater capacity and a higher discharge rate. Electric power tools are really coming into their own and I feel that improvements in battery tech will make electric cars a practical reality sooner than we think.

Keep on recycling your electric junk. Besides being potentially toxic if just thrown away, there are valuable and scarce materials such as precious metals and rare earth metals.

Since a neutron has slightly more mass than the combined mass of an electron and a proton, it suggests that combining electrons with protons to form neutrons absorbs rather than releases energy and that when a neutron decays into a proton and an electron, the missing mass becomes energy, e=mc^2.
Mass of a neutron=1.674929 x 10^-27 kg
Mass of a proton=1.672623 x 10^-27 kg
Mass of an electron=9.109390 x 10^-31 kg
Combined mass of electron + proton=1.67353393 x 10^-27 kg

A free neutron is not a stable particle and it decays with a half life of about 10.3 minutes.

Speaking of recycling copper wire, (I think I told it before but you brought it up again), a few years ago we had a few big spools of copper wire that were stolen. I forget from who, either the energy company or an electrical contractor. At any rate when patrolling in the country a deputy solved the theft when the spools were strapped on top of the car. The deputy was a little suspicious so investigated further. I suppose they were on their way to burn the insulation off to increase their profits. Almost as good as the guy that called police when a drug sale went bad. It’s tough out there. I would have liked to heard the guffaws when the newspaper writer was finishing the story for print.

You neglect the kinetic energy captured and the increased stability of the nucleus. I pulled out my old textbook. You can look it up on Wikipedia as ‘electron capture’. An anti-neutrino is the energy emitted, useless for power.