Thick white smoke and engine over revving

Range Rove HSE

Today whilst out my RR suddenly revved up to 6000rpm a loud pop followed by thick white smoke I managed to crawl home (about 1 mile) but when accelerating it would seriously over rev and I’d have to literally lock the brakes to stop…

Any ideas or advice please! ??

My wild guess is your transmission is toast.

This isn’t going to be cheap.Good luck.


I heard RR were very reliable. Till they aren’t.

I can’t tell if this is an engine problem or a transmission problem . If transmission why the need for heavy braking ? If engine how did they limp home , just at an idle ? Maybe they will return with a better description or at least post what a shop found out what the problem was.

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If the engine was racing at 6k RPMs, even with a slipping transmission it is possible that the vehicle was hard to stop.

Yes, we definitely need a better description, but I have to say that the OP did provide more information with the 6K RPM notation than a lot of people do when they ask for help.

It was very hard to stop hense the very heavy bracking and when I did accelerate there was a very clunky noise along with the thick white smoke and high revs

WHITE: was it smoke, or was it possibly steam?

Definitely thick white smoke …like you couldn’t actually see through it

My vote is that the transmission’s vacuum modulator diaphragm ruptured, which would keep the transmission from upshifting, create a huge vacuum leak, and suck transmission fluid into the intake, creating smoke.


OP went 1 mile at 6k rpm? At what speed? 30mph in 2nd gear would be 3k rpm. Yes I have had ruptured vacuum modulaters. But it was a 66 mustang. What year is this RR?

You need to have it towed to a shop that will check it out.

Did you look at the temperature gauge? The white smoke means an engine problem of some sort. That doesn’t eliminate the transmission, though. You might have more than one problem. One thing you can do is open the hood and check the radiator overflow tank. If it’s empty, then you may have sucked coolant into the engine through a breached gasket.

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Temp gauge was reading normal but saying that I fill coolant up yesterday as it came up with a msg then the thng was empty today?

No it wasnt at 6000rpm thehole ti.e just when the incident happened I got home driving at 50 for about 1/2 mile as I was on slip road.

Having to add coolant that often and thick white tailpipe emissions indicates a coolant leak into the engine. Tow it to a mechanic you trust and tell him the symptoms. He will check the Landie and determine whether ther really is a leak, where it is, and how much it will cost to repair. Get that taken care of first, then see if the drivability problem remains.

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WAG: a transmission fluid cooling line let go, spraying fluid onto the exhaust, creating thick smoke. Loss of fluid led to high revving needed to get the vehicle moving. High revving = low vacuum in brake booster = hard braking.

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Burning trans fluid should really stink. What did the smoke smell like? Bitter? Sweet?