They're here

… for better or worse. :thinking:

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And it will drive itself to shipping port and wait for 37 days to load.

SAE Level 4 autonomous operation if that description is correct.

With no additional cost for a driver.


Like we always said it’s a matter of price versus cost. The price for a human driver may well be the least cost involved, but hey bring it on. What could go wrong. At least they will be allowed into California to pick up shipping crates from China without having to worry about the blue urea shortage.

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Very impressive, abet the trip was made late at night/early morning with almost no traffic. It has yet to have its ups and downs, nor has it had its fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds.

Is the body crafted to perfection, I think not…

What if you need to defy the laws of physics?

And finally, I noticed that it just stopped at the entrance of the loading yard, so I guess it will never say, “I’ll be back”

Bumble bees do, according to physics, they should not be able to fly.

I say that in jest.


Why does it have a cab? For who?
It should be 5’ high. And slope up to box height.

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I think those trucks are only allowed in certain routes at this time.

Because they only arrive at the depot, they can’t back up to the loading dock. That requires a driver. Same for direct delivery into a city. The autonomous controls can’t be trusted in those situations as yet so a driver is required.