They didn't put oil in when they did an oil change

Yes, Subaru added an oil level warning light to the Outback as of the 2010 model year, when the Generation 4 Outback models were introduced.

yes. In my opinion, the low oil light is necessary in Subaru’s with the opposed 4, as the dipstick is almost useless. But they could have put the effort into fixing the dipstick instead…

A low oil level sensor like @“common sense answer” suggested, sounds like it would help a lot.
I’ve had other cars that had that sensor, and I loved that it let me know I was low…even though I do check my oil.

Tie in not just the no start, but a message that reads you must add oil to restart the car would save many people that ignore the oil level, the oil change guy that forgets to fill it, and even the best person who has a failed oil filter, or main seal.

Even the best mechanic could be on a long drive with the music loud…not hearing the clattering of the engine…crying out for oil…and he ruin a good engine.

Once the message went up, all you’d have to do is bring the oil level up past the sensors low level and the engine would restart. Problem solved!!!

I’d be inclined to install one if they were available and not too much trouble to install. Recently I spotted a puddle under the wife’s car and found she had another pinhole in the oil filter. This is the fourth pin hole in an oil filter for her in 5 years and it was the third for her Freestar Van. It’s not her driving or where she goes…she has just been unlucky.

I also was on a long drive years ago and I had forgotten to install the oil fill cap. The low oil light never came on, and I never smelled the burning oil because I never slowed enough for the smell to catch up (always on the freeway). I had the radio off (good thing) and suddenly, on a slight grade could hear the engine clatter. I shut off the engine and pulled over to find no oil on the dip stick. Lucky for me there was a service station near by that I could walk to. That engine was almost bone dry, from the oil being splattered out the fill tube, but I must have gotten to it in time because it went another 100,000 miles.

Back to Pink Floyd; That song “Time” ( with it starting with all those alarm clocks going off so loud) is very well remembered by me. I was about 20 and I owned a 1968 Coronet 440 6 pack and two other guys would ride to work with me about 15 miles away.
We were cruising down the freeway about 75mph while the two guys in the back lit up a joint.
(forgive me it was my restless years), but I didn’t partake because of work and pot just made me tired.

As we crested a hill I spotted a State Patrol with radar. I left off on the gas and after I passed he stayed parked in the median. I never gave him another thought. Five minutes later I looked into the rear view mirror to see that state boy on my tail with the lights going. Just at that same exact second that I saw him…all those damn alarm clocks went off and I just about had a heart attack.
Luck must have been with me because instead of him coming to my window…where he could get a good lung full…he instructed me by his PA to walk back to his car. For a few seconds I was a little insulted that he thought that I was that dangerous that he wouldn’t approach my car, but once I realized what an advantage it was for me I let go of that thought.
Never even got a ticket out of it. He said he was aiming the radar on the car I was passing, so I only got a warning.

That song always makes me chuckle when I hear it.


I like CSA’s idea. A warning BEFORE the level becomes too low for the pump’s pickup tube to reach. A warning when you become a quart low rather than when the pressure is lost.

I had oil/filter change at dealership today. Inspection 100% OK. As always, no matter who changed oil I checked prior to driving car. As always “perfect”. Total cost with coupon $24.95. I could hardly do it myself for that and my hands are clean. Big plus. I still have 3 $10 off coupons.

Caddyman: Yes. It appears OP has left the building. I hope they get the new engine with free oil/filter changes for the life of the vehicle. The consumer pays extra for dealer service expecting superior work. They are not responsible for checking the work or knowing what the low oil pressure light indicates in this case.

MikeInNH: If my 1971 Vega had a oil pressure shut off switch it was a moot point. I acquired it with it’s second factory new engine (warranty/recall). It lasted nearly 4,000 miles until a 3/8ths by 4 inch chunk of a cylinder wall imploded. It successfully “shut off” the engine and locked up the rear wheels at 55mph on the interstate. I was able to coast up an off-ramp and safely park. I sold it for $50 to someone who had a 350 cu in V8 for it. The Vega had not quite reached 20,000 miles.

ok4450: If the dealership wants to retain any credibility: New engine.

I was able to coast up an off-ramp and safely park. I sold it for $50 to someone who had a 350 cu in V8 for it. The Vega had not quite reached 20,000 miles.

They were not the mkost reliable vehicle. I reached about 60k before I had to rebuild my engine.