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Oil change every 3000 mi

My Truck engine ceased 2 weeks after I had my regular oil change and the garage agreed to fix thier mistake (my tuck has been at the garage 2 weeks now) Im just afraid that they will ask me to sign a paper - Contract say the problem is all fixed CAN I NOT sign it? You see when you get your oil changed you sign and this is there way out of not being responsible like if anyone else touched their work your warenty with them is void. They tried to tell me that until I told them that I had 15 pix and 2 mechanics both say it’s ceased the can be no work done.

I still have to pick up the truck posibly monday and they said they would pay for my rental that is currently on my credit card Also my truck only had 53,000 mi and they are giving me adifferent motor - I feel this will greatly devalue my vehicle

Looks like they are trying to make up for their mistake-that part is good. Test drive the car before signing anything. I am not sure what you are signing but probably would ask for some sort of warranty on the work done, whether it is a “new” used engine or rebuilt. They are warrantying what “their” work so they shouldn’t have a problem in that.

A truck with 53,000 miles can’t be devalued any more than it already is. It’s worth $7000 at trade-in. If you sign the paper, you get to drive it. Not much wrong with that.

Read the paper. If what it says is true, sing it. If not don’t. If it says they are exempt from any additional responsibility, I would say don’t sign it. Has anything been signed yet?

I would expect them to have you sign something, but I would want to know that they are not exempt from any hidden damage, or improper repair.

In the end read anything they want you to sign, if it sounds all legal and you are not sure what it really means, just tell them you want a copy to take you your lawyer. If they hesitate, that is a bad sign. If they say OK, then get it checked. It should cost you less than $100.00 and it would be worth it. Remember they likely have paid a lawyer to write it.

If they give you a hard time, just tell them they will hear from your lawyer next. They may become a lot more reasonable.

Personally, if a paper was presented absolving them of any future liability I would not sign it then and there.
If they’re honorable they should not have a problem with you telling them to hang onto the truck for a day or two while you have an attorney read this paper over. If they get offensive over this…

Your truck only had 53k miles on it. This is nothing.
The bigger questions would be just how many miles are on that salvage yard motor they’re installing and just how was it treated by the previous owner.
That can be very hard to determine.

A compression test and oil pressure test can be performed on an engine that is not even installed yet. This could shed some light on the engine condition, but one could be looking at numbers that may be fudged a bit since the shop has a vested interest in this problem.

The only way I would let them off the hook would be after a couple of days of test driving. That should be enough time for any problems to surface in regards to overheating, oil pressure, loss of fluids, or Check Engine Lights.

Just curious. What type of truck and year are we talking about?

The value of your truck after the repair depends on the replacement motor. Tell us more about it Is new, rebuilt, or just salvaged with no additional work? Also, what parts of the engine are they replacing? It could include the alternator, AC compressor, water pump, etc. Or it might not. How many miles on the replacement engine? This is important if it is salvaged and not rebuilt; it could be important on a rebuilt engine. That depends on what was done to rebuild it. A rebuilt motors can be great if it’s done right.

I know it’s getting complicated, but you need to know about the motor to determine whether there will be any change in value after the repair is done.

And don’t sign anything until you are sure you understand what they did. If they insist on a waiver of liability, have an attorney look at it. The waiver is probably worthless, since the court typically considers the consumer to know little to nothing, making a waiver inadmissible. But you need to know for sure. You might also suggest that they could pay for your attorney’s opinion, too.

I have a GMC 2003 Sonoma 4x4 sl5 / zr2 pick-up truck w 53,000 and it was running great before the oil change now they said they are installing (not done yet - it will be 2 wks tomorrow) a 2005 Chevy Astro van moter w 48,000 mi - they said it is the exact motor as what I had.
I have doubts about this as they keep pushing out the pick up date. when they 1st got the motor they said that I had to buy some parts like a new timing belt- until I told them that I just had a new one installed a year ago so they stopped asking me for that then they said that I should buy tune up parts because all my parts were factory and if they were to install motor that a month or so down the road the truck would need a tune-up and they will save me the cost of labor since they have my motor all apart now - This is why I have doubts anyways they tell me they are taking their time to make sure that they do this install right and I’m just reminding them that they are the ones that are paying for my rental while I wait.

Whatever way this goes i hope you stay away from those people. They sound like a bunch of hacks to me . I wish you good luck.

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude with all of this and give them the opportunity to do the right thing. I have been cooperative with them and upbeat as I feel that getting ulgy will not help the situation but at the same time not giving them the illusion that I can be taken avantage of.
The replacement motor is a chevy 2005 astro van with 48,000 mi and I had a GMC sonoma 2003 with 53,000 mi - I also took good care of mi vehicle and I don’t know the history of the chevy motor and also seems like high milage for the year - was the motor beat to the ground and that is how It was salvaged? I asked them for documentation on the motor and while they are always agreeable over the phone I have not seen reality yet - I’m just praying that all turns out well.

Demand documentation that the motor is what they say.