Thermostat Problem


The thermostat on my 2000 Hyundai Elantra was moving from cold to hot this morning and the heater was blowing cold air. I’m afraid to drive it anymore. Show I have it towed to a mechanic or would it be safe to drive it a short distance to a mechanic?


I don’t understand “thermostat moving from cold to hot”. Thermostats don’t move. Do you mean the temperature (on the gauge on the dash) changed from cold to hot?


Do you have Coolant? Sounds low. Ya gave little info. Is Gauge irratic? Check coolant level if good can ground lead to gauge to check same (ON aMERIVAN CARS!) If gauge pegs, check sender. Did car really overheat? If so check above, T-Stat etc. Your car, Innexpensive Jap. or not, your responsibility to understand basics of what she is really doing. For your good and car.


I am going to assume you mean temperature gauge, not thermostat. I will also assume the gauge reads normal and that your only noticeable problem is a lack of heat.

If these assumptions are correct it is safe to drive to a mechanic.

However, if your temperature gauge is in the ‘too hot’ zone, disregard the above instructions. You had better post back and clarify.


Sorry, it’s the temperature gauge. It’s swaying from cold to hot, never done that before. Heat blowing cold air then hot air. When hot air is the case, temperature gauge moves closer to hot point.


I’m going to say you have/had a sticking thermostat and when you noticed the temp gauge spike (hot) the t-stat was stuck closed.


Oh, thanks for the great advice!