Anyone tried this: Thermagasket ?


Claims that:

Q: What types of problems will Thermagasket repair?

A: Thermagasket will repair the following problems:

* Failing or completely failed head gaskets

* Warped heads

* Cracked engine blocks and heads

* Coolant leaks to the exterior of the engine through a breach between the head and block

* Coolant leaks through the head bolts

* Intake manifold coolant leaks

* Overheating due to a cracked head or block

* Oil leaks into the cooling system (Radiator)

* Coolant leaks into the oil

* Excessive steam and water from the tailpipe

While I was actively working in the garage customers never asked if we would try these products (sometimes they asked for JB-weld work, not really related) Perhaps if I saw more GM heavy line I would have been exposed to people wanting you to try these things out, I was never asked by a BMW customer to try these things. I wonder what are the details on the target car/owner for this product.

A one pint bottle of sodium silicate from a local pharmacy for about $20.00 will do the same thing as this stuff does.


Yes, but I suspect that dogboy1995 may be a spammer - so I don’t really thing s/he cares - or would want anyone to know that.


Sure looks like spam to me.