There is got to be an answer!

My 2003 Mercedes Benz C-230 Kompressor has approx 60,000 miles. Recenetly, I noticed in local short distance drive, the engine runs rough, like mis-fire one or more cylender. Furthermore, the battery maintenacne display lights up on the dash board. I had the battery replaced twice, fuel injector in #2 cylender replace but to no avail. Could it be the alerator needs to be replaced? or is it an electircal problem?

Could you give us the actual error codes (they will be like P1234.

For that Battery maintenance light is new to me. Check your owner’s manual and see what it says. Hopefully it will be more useful than “See your dealer” ?

At that age, it could be the fuel filter needing changed.

Most large auto parts stores have a code reader that they will plug into your car to read any stored trouble codes. These are usually indicated by the check engine light. I don’t know if the battery maintenance light sets codes in memory, but it might, you should check.