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The Yaris Chronicles (the conclusion)

Even before I read the decidedly weighted responses here, I decided to do myself, the salesman, YOU, and the universe a favor by just going through with the deal.

No, not happy with all the bells and whistles I didn’t want, not happy about the fact that – if one buys the convenience package and the all-weather guard package (which apparently one can’t help but buy) and adds the power package, which most buyers do, one has essentially bought the same rear window defroster (which should have come standard, IMO) no fewer than THREE TIMES (it’s included in all) – sorry, but that’s a rip-off and unworthy of Toyota. No, that’s not the salesman’s fault, but I’m not impressed.

But I initially decided on an '09 for the added safety features, and I know I ought to stick to my agreement, so that’s that.

Next time… “Used” off the lot (cheap)…

But I’ll try to revel in the decadence. : D

You’re one of those customers that will never be happy. The ones that pay the most without alot of negoiations are generally the ones that are happiest. I had a guy test drive an Altima SE-R once. Right after the test drive, we went inside, said he wanted the car. And just cut a check for the full MSRP + “market adjustment” right on the spot. The whole process took 15 minutes. Every time I saw him afterwards, he commented that he loved the car. And might even buy another for his wife. On the opposite side of the spectrum I once sold a used Xterra to a guy who would piss and moan about everything…The gas mileage isn’t as good as his Civic (it’s an SUV, what did you expect)…The plastic on the grille has spots on it (you bought a used car…) … I’m spending $6 more a month than I wanted to ( I made $50 on the sale, you got as good a deal as possible)… As luck would have it, I ended up working in the same place as him after my stint selling cars. He continued to make comments about how he thought he paid too much (he didn’t) and about how much he has to spend in gas every week compared to his civic he traded it. It never ended.

My advice, you bought one of the cheapest new cars on the market. On top of that, econoboxes are pretty popular right now, so even if you negoiated even a little bit off sticker price, you did pretty well for yourself. Just take what you can get and move on.

Don’t let FoDaddy make you feel bad. Of course the salemen want the customers ‘fat, dumb, and happy’ to overpay…didn’t salesmen used to call those ‘Barefoot Pilgrims’? Car buying is the most confusing thing most people have to do.

“The ones that pay the most without alot of negoiations are generally the ones that are happiest.”

A.k.a., “ignorance is bliss”???

You think it was stressful getting them to option the car the way you want, just wait until something breaks on it and you’re in their service dept…

I purchased my last vehicle for my wife over the phone. Came up with invoice - rebate. Apparently some people who really hounded could get them at invoice - 2% - rebate but hardly felt the $400 was worth it.

Time spent on phone 15 mins to secure located vehicle/credit card deposit. Time picking up/paying 15 mins. Beyond happy customer.

More or less. It’s just much more pleasant to deal with people who know what they want and don’t waste your time haggling over floormats. I mean some negoiation is expected, but when you’re there going back and forth for 5 hours and you end up with a flat ($50) for you efforts, it’s annoying for the salesman. I learned that the hard way. Soon it became my policy that if by the 3rd trip to the Sales Manager, we didn’t have a deal, I would tell the customer to basically hit the bricks. Not the nicest way to conduct business, but you gotta eat.

Well, it’s really not my fault salesmen don’t earn more on the Yaris, ya know? I got only a 1% raise this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m therefore entitled to provide shoddy service or be irritable to my customers. I understand that having
a buyer change her mind is annoying, but it happens. Every job has its pains.