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The Smoking Explorer...and Taurus

There was a Puzzler recently about a Ford Explorer with a seized AC compressor. This reminded me that my dad’s Ford Taurus had the same problem a few months ago. When he replaced the compressor (Actually, he had it replaced; he is no mechanic), some problems appeared with the cooling system. We know what the problem is; that is not one of my questions. Here are my questions:
A. Do the ACs in Fords fail often (Is this a common problem?)
II. Does anyone else have any experiences with Ford standing for Fix or Repair Daily?
3. Does this support the BHAM theory, as read on Car Talk?
Part Four: Do you like this variation of Click and Clack’s 1-B-III list setup?

  1. Fords do not have any more A\C failures than anyone else.
  2. My Fords hold up pretty well with comparatively few repairs while attaining high miles.
  3. A big hammer, which is what I assume you’re referring to, is a tool that I seldom use on anything.
  4. Don’t care. :slight_smile:

I agree with OK4450. If you find yourself getting to the hammer stage of maintenance then you need a mechanic.

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