The Smell

Let me first begin with my Dodge Dakota Sport. It had a busted head gasket and alot of other things. It always needed to have water filled into the radiator and the coolant because it leaked or something. It over heated once and the water was all over the inside of the hood. I remember the distinct smell of it. Now i have a 97 Pantiac Gran Prix, and recently i could smell the smell again. The other day i found a puddle under the car but couldent tell what it was leaking. It seems to run the same way but it worries me. Thats all the information that i have for now. If anyone has any idea at all what it might be, and how to fix it at home, that would be great. Thanks

Find a mechanic who can pressure test it and find the leak.

We can’t see leaks from here and it appears you can not or do not wish to get down and dirty to find a leak that you likely will want to have a mechanic fix anyway.

The first place to start to look for leaks are the hoses, especially the large hoses that go to the radiator. If a hose is larger (swollen) than the clamp on the end, it’s probably bad.