The power of a Floor Jack


Would post a laughing emoji, but the ten character requirement would be an excessive number of emoji’s, therefore a written response is required before :rofl:

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Dr Who’s main nemesis is the Daleks. Deadly. Daleks will chase you anywhere you go, chattering “exterminate” all the way. Except they can’t climb stairs … lol


Brings back memories of the old, old, roller skates and skateboards with metal wheels. IIRC a large grain of sand would stop them dead in their tracks. Then came the “clay” wheels then only really big grains of sand would stop them. Oh for the good old days :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: Now there are larger diameter urethane, hard rubber, and even pneumatic rubber wheels, powered skateboards, off-road skateboards. So, how good were those old days, really? :sleepy:

In retail it’s the pallet jack that has the same problem, It can carry 2,000lbs of Ice no problem