The possible social problems with electric vehicles

My township in southern New Jersey installed solar panels on all the streetlight poles a few years ago and they are proving rather successful. Not only do they produce enough power for the lamps, they produce excess power which is then sold back to the utility.

Of course managing shortages is always a problem versus creating abundance.

Heh heh. There was one package of tp left on the pallet. Just as I was going to select it a young lady grabbed it with that look of victory on her face. No big deal. I suspect she needed it worse than I. All kinds o& shortages can cause social dysfunction.

This proves that Tesla drivers are not infallible to road rage.

The victim was shot in the back twice. There was no evidence the altercation was over a charging station, an arial view of the crime scene shows 4 vacant charging station parking spots.

A handgun shortage in Denver, CO?

They installed solar street lighting in Cheektowaga NY a number of years ago. They had to rip them all out after they all went dark the first winter.

Many towns in the North East installed new LED traffic lights. After the first winter they had to install heaters to help melt the snow and ice that would build up in them. Heat generated from the older lights would melt any snow.

Were you around in the 70’s during the gas shortages? You couldn’t go a week in some cities without hearing about someone getting shot or a fight breaking out at one of the gas lines.

I was around in the 70’s, I never had a problem getting gas.

I always seemed to be able to get it… as long as I was willing to wait in a very long line of cars queing up for gas. Sometimes, the wait was close to 1 hour.

Where I was there was a 5 gallon limit that was just enough t get in the nextline and be almost empty again.

Maybe you weren’t driving 100 miles a day. We had even odd so if you plate was even numbers you could get gas on even numbered days, etc. sometimes the stations would just have their no gas sign out so don’t bother.

I started going to the Mobil station then and have remained loyal. The owner sold bulk fuel too and had his own tanker. He did all he could to keep gas in the tanks when he could get it or even a partial tanker full from the refinery. Loyalty is a two way street and to this day I could care less if someone sells it cheaper.

Now I remember. Then I bought my diesel with about a 500 mile range. Maybe the weekend news has brought the memories back.

I had a part time job filling gas at a gas station in that era. The owner insisted I place the “out of gas” sign at the curb at 5 pm, even though we still had plenty of gas. Apparently the idea was from the corporate mucky-mucks, to never run completely out, so the station owners would have incentive be open every day.

I remember on Long Island having odd and even plate number days to get gas during the shortage. and the long lines.

Depends where you lived. I had to wait in lines in a small town north of Philadelphia when I was in college in the early 1970s. The lines weren’t too bad though. I waited up to a half hour to get to the pump. When I was home in suburban DC, my mother asked me to get gas for her and I had to wait about 2 hours in line. A friend’s father never waited in line. He ran the water department in his NJ town and just pulled up to the pump in the water department yard.

I always had two ten gallon cans of gas in the garage, just make sure I could get to work.

You were lucky. We had odd-even parking depending on your plate number. And there were times lines were 2-3 hours long. Not mention gas stations running out of gas. Happened to me after I was waiting in line for over an hour. There was a mad dash to the next gas station.

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Apparently that was a regional problem. Where I lived, the gas stations just closed earlier and were closed on weekends. I remember filling jerry cans from my car on a Friday from my car’s gas tank so I would have gas for my motorcycle for the weekend. I never experienced long gas lines but I lived in a small town in Texas at the time. One of the biggest changes was that in a town that was still alive past midnight suddenly rolled up the sidewalks after 8:00 PM. The bike I rode back then was rather thirsty with a range of maybe 100 miles or so. I’m lucky I never went to jail on that hooligan bike.
It’s the one on the right.

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Had a bud with a bmw, bullet tank,his range was 65 miles! Got chased by 6 guys on jap crap, maybe 200 cc,in KY I think it was,little Had Jackets, Los Mosquitos, We got up to 90 and kissed them goodbye. I had long blond curly hair, stopped for gas, some guy thought I was a hot chick and tried to pick me up, Took off my helmet and had a stash at the time. He turned and walked away.

Did the heaters take less electricity than the old lights?

I had the one on the left in college. Fun, didn’t get great mpgs for a 550.