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The Playboy automobile

No, not the Jordan Playboy of the 1920s!
I am referring to the little Playboy car that was built in Buffalo, NY in the late '40s.

In a sense, the guys who designed and tried to market this car were visionaries, because they foresaw a burgeoning need in some families for a second car, mostly for around-town hops. Unfortunately, the car was not successful, but since they built 99 of them, I guess one could say that they were twice as successful as Tucker was.


Thanks, VDC .

Actually that car style looked a lot like the Disney car I had with Donald Duck (or is it Donald the duck now like Smokey?) For those of us around in the 60’s when the small second cars started to come out to supplement the larger family cars, the one constant was style. They were marketed to young mothers or wives and could see the style of the Falcon, Corvair, Valiant, etc. Even the VW had style. Maybe they were not real fancy, but they had enough to make them acceptable.

I’ve driven a fork lift and would you really want your wife or mother driving one?

If it was like Smokey then it would be Donald Duck because it’s Smokey Bear, not Smokey The Bear.

Funny; I thought you were going to mention the pink sports car (of varying make/model over the years) that was part of the compensation package for Hef’s beauties.

Actually, Jay Leno has a YT video out with a (somewhat creepy) guy who owns an ex-playmate’s car. I think it was an AMX?

Yeah, we’ve had this discussion before. Back in 1954 the Yellowstone Park Service was still sell the Smokey Bear “I can bear it” figures so they must not have gotten the word. I’ll remain a little amused at someone making a big advertising campaign over the issue for some reason. I’m not going to start calling myself Bing Human at any rate.

Bing Man has a nice ring to it, though!

I dunno, I was thinking about zee or something. There are like 56 to chose from according to the U of M.

I saw 5 Playboys at a car show at the Buffalo History Museum recently. The son of the man who started the company was there talking to people.