The new Land Rover Defender

I won’t be buying one, but in case anyone else is interested…


Thanks… but No thank you. I’d rather have a vintage original.

Emissions standards will leave us all with underpowered cars made of tinfoil. Just give it time.

That doesn’t seem like the current trend. Cars these days meet more stringent emissions standards than cars of the 90’s but have faster acceleration.

Much nicer than the ones spotted on one of the farms we visited in north yorkshire a few years ago retracing the faimly roots.

The article refers to the previous generation as “its analog predecessor”, misusing a term near and dear to my heart.

C’mon, those 2 are cool! And almost un-kill-able!


I keep hoping they’ll get their quality figured out. Before Ford, nope, with Ford, nope, so far with Tata, nope…

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Without the box on the side windows it looks good, as a modern interpretation of the Defender.

When I think “Land Rover”, the one from the tv show Rosemary and Thyme is what I think of first.