The June 6 D Day 4x4

When I lived in Ogden Utah, December-February I kept my front hubs locked. No desire to get out to lock the hubs at O-dark 30 and 5 degrees F. Just switched transfer case in and out of four wheel drive. Did this with both my I-H Scout and CJ5.
Never heard of that being illegal.

How would locking your hubs and driving in 2WD be a mod anyway, driving with your tailgate down might be illegal in some states but it is not a mod, it’s just down…
An illegal mod would be removing the catalytic converter and straight pipping it would be an illegal mod, removing the EGR valve and what not and adding a block off plate would be an illegal mod, not driving around in 2WD with your hubs locked…

EDIT: Oops, my bad George, I read that as mod, not mode… :blush:

Let’s not forget about this other little WW II military vehicle, which had great traction.

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Let’s not forget about the Higgins boats either. :grinning: there were just so many that stepped up and made great contributions.

“Illegal” wasn’t meant to be taken literally. Operating w/the hubs unlocked but the xfer case in 4wd is not a violation of the traffic code. Driving w/the xfer case in 4wd and the hubs unlocked results in the front driveshaft, front differential, & axle shafts spinning when they aren’t connected to the front wheels. The parts aren’t designed for that mode. The owner’s manual says it can result in damage to the front locking hubs. I expect it could also adversely affect the front differential.

Why would you do that? I can see driving in 2WD with the hubs locked, but not that.

I wouldn’t advise doing that. It could damage something. Someone inexperienced on a 4-wheeling excursion might want to just leave the xfer case in 4wd I suppose, thinking it would simplify the process. Try Googling “operating in 4WD with hubs unlocked” .

I don’t see how. Leaving the hubs locked woul simply the process

Much like operating the vehicle in drive while supported on a lift. These are all mechanical transfer cases, no viscus coupling.

I have operated my Jeep in 4WD low range without the front hubs engaged, I have never been arrested.

@texases above is wondering what would motivate you to do that? I couldn’t think of much in the way of an answer myself, only saying I don’t do it. Did you do it by accident, unintended? I can see how a person might do it by accident.

Low range for moving trailers around the back yard: “yard mule”.

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OK, you want the 4wD-lo xfer-case mode just for the extra force it provides to the rear wheels, but don’t need the front wheel drive part. That makes sense.

4WD is complicated . For example I don’t like how the xfer case shifter works on my truck, awkward to use, and was thinking of ways to improve it. The problem is the way I was thinking of doing could get the front wheels in a different gear range than the rear wheels, which seems like it wouldn’t be a good thing .

My old 1979 Power Wagon had 4WD high and low, 2WD high and low on the T-case, with shift on the fly, well in high anyway, still a pain sometimes… Anyway, it was a blast to put the T-case in 2WD low and launch that bad boy with a hopped up engine and transmission, in it, it would 0-30ish like crazy… lol… good times…

But the T-case parts and case suppliers/builders would love it… :bomb: :skull_and_crossbones:

“jeep” is a generic term for a small four wheel drive army vehicle. . “Jeep” is a brand name. “jeep” is a relatively recently introduced word to English, appearing first in a 1940 Tulsa (OK) newspaper…

To be precise the army called them GP for general purpose vehicles as required for th3 war. I don’t know who first wrote down jeep. Maybe someone knows. Geep didn’t seem to sound right.

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Cool. The other day I saw a new a jeep. It had two doors. I’m going to assume it was a wrangler. I love the design of it so much.

The first Jeeps were called General Purpose vehicles or GP for short which was later slurred into Jeep. I drove several of them in Nam.

Do you mean the Ford M151A2 replacement for the AMC Jeeps?
We had both an AMC Jeep ambulance and Dodge ‘cracker box ambulance. RoK Army had military versions of the CJ6 they used for litter (stretcher) patients.

Not sure. That one looks like a Cadillac to the ones I drove. Ours didn’t have a roof. The front windshield was long gone.