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The hesitation is finally gone!

So as you have seen I had problems with the hesitation in my car while I was driving. So. As everyone knows with a turbo vehicle it’s best to put the most expensive gas in right well I was putting in 89 I started putting in 93. And now it works like a charm. So it was just the gas I was putting in mad with act up

It would have been best to post this on your original hesitation thread .

@cdaquila Carolyn , do you want to merge this ?

Collin , I am surprised that stopped your hesitation . Unless my info is wrong your vehicle calls for regular unleaded fuel

The higher octane probably allowed more advanced timing before pinging was detected and that improved the acceleration response.

Sounds like this engine may have a problem with spark knock.
Then the knock sensor retards ignition timing.
The premium fuel is a band aid hiding the real issue, if the manual says 87 octane is OK.
@Collin_Green, what kind of climate do you live in?
In the summer heat the hesitation may come back even with premium.

Spark knock can be increased if the engine runs a bit to hot, due to a bad thermostat or a clogged radiator.
Or a clogged EGR system, or debris on the intercooler fins.

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Maybe, maybe not. Years ago I had a 1984 Pontiac Sunbird. Everything was correct according to spec but it would still knock under acceleration on regular. I put 50/50 regular/premium in it to prevent knocking.

If the engine is pinging on 87 octane gas and 87 octane is approved for useby the manufacturer, good idea to double check the all the spark plug gaps are in spec.