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The First 3-D Printed Car

How do you like them Apples ? Thats a BIG Printer. Just think of the things to come… I like the possibility of printing out a component and then making a mold and casting it in Aluminum… Then again…the same tech can carve out the part without molds or casting… Lots of possibilities…


I like it.
But I’m sure the auto manufacturer lobbies will pressure their purchased politicians to find a way to ban it, either directly or indirectly via impossible regulations.

I actually posted on this a few months ago. I like the concept. They are working on bigger 3d printers to print even bigger things (like airplane wings -

I’m skeptical about the airliner wing. Those are often made from compsites these days, and the fiber reinforcement is needed for strength, while the resin holds the shape. I don’t think that chopped fibers or other reinforcements would work. I applaud EADS for trying, though.

Yes @MikeInNH …I remember you posting that. Any way you slice it…the tech is revolutionary. Have you seen the 3-D printed concrete structures yet? Another big 3-D machine…but this time the media is cement squirted out like so much toothpaste…but more accurately. Crazy Times we live in…I tell ya


I agree the tech is revolutionary…Even though it’s been around for decades…it’s still advancing and we’re still learning what we can do with it. I’d love to play with one.

Mike, They aren’t terribly expensive for a small one. A friend built (is building… ongoing project) his own from parts sourced on Ebay. Using open-source linux based sw from a forum dedicated to this. Shoots ABS plastic at this point. I think he’s got less than $300 total in his. I see kits on Aliexpress under $500. Not for big parts… not car sized.

One of the cool things beyond the obvious WOW factor of a 3-D printer is how easily it can be scaled up. Its akin to how big a chain hoist is…its as big as the tree you hang it from…if that makes any sense to you…

What I mean to say is that the 3-D printer need not be a monstrosity…its frame and amount of “rail” it needs are pretty much the only parameters that need to be changed to shift from small projects…to huge projects. Am I making any sense here? I think you get me…

@MikeInNH boy would I also love to play with one too ! Lets build one ! I was a Field Engineer in the Data Storage industry for a decade (EMC, ADIC, Quantum corp) Installing, Maintaining, Integrating Laser Guided Robotic Data Storage Silos. Whew…Thats a mouthful eh? Some of these Silos would grow to be most of the Data Center floor space…but that was only to house the Data Tapes…the robot inside? Stayed the same size…I just had to add more rail for it to move on… So Im pretty well versed in the robotics of the 3-D printer…

Hmmm…not the first time Ive pondered contacting some of those 3D printer companies to see if they need a Field Engineer for the robotics… Maybe…Im having too much fun playing with mechanical toys at the moment…but…maybe


Ooops…somehow I double posted… Apologies


They used a 3-d printer to reform the body in the 5th element. Muscle, bone, skin. Worked fine there.

Yeah, and the result was gorgeous.
Anyway, back to cars.