The car for a teen

My 96 volvo was the first with side air bags and has front wheel drive for winter


If this will be your first winter driving experience, let me suggest that you make sure the car is properly prepared including good all-season tires or winter tires, and that you do absolutely everything much more slowly than you did in summer. And leave plenty of room around you.

Sincere best.

Note Winter tyres are far superior in snow and ice than (all season)*

All season tyres really are three season tyres. Snow and ice are tough with the best of experienced drivers.

My first years of driving I had two accidents, both on ice. The first resulted in my hitting a fire plug the second was #17 of a 16 car 1 truck accident. I learned a lot from both of them. The only other accident I have had was a 16 year old driver the week after he got his license and the same day he got insurance.

Be careful and good luck.

OK car for a teen as long as they have a good job, or mom and dad pay the repair bills. As a teen I wasn’t ready for $1000+ repair bills and that’s the norm with an old Volvo.

I just drove what ever the old man had, never new but I do remember the day he came home with a 1962 T[Bird (it was 1968). I thought this was pretty cool.