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The big vibration

I have 20" tires…when speed hits 60mph it’s starts to vebration. when I incress speed to 70 mph it stops. I had the tires balanced and moved around with no luck. What else can be tried ?


Put the factory wheels and tires back on…If these ARE the factory wheels, good luck…

The “vebration” is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in terms of the potential problems from 20" wheels and the ultra low-profile tires that go with them. After you hit a pothole and both blow out a tire and fracture a wheel, you will see some of the other shortcomings of that tire and wheel combination.

My guess is one or more of the wheels is out of round. Likely hit a pothole. It is easy to bend most alloy wheels.

Are the wheels OEM (usually better) or after market (more likely to have problems).

Those 20" alloy wheels are a lot of looks and generally good road feel, but low strength. You don’t get the really good strong ones until you start buying the ones that are priced in the thousands of dollars each that are used on the race track where every little advantage is worth that kind of money.

These are the factory tires and rims…not low profile.

These are factory tires and rims ( not low profile). Service at MB said that can’t do anythin about it.

Hit no pothole or other things. service at MB can’t fix it. Looking for help still.

I hear you… MB service checked it out and said everything was ok not out of round. Had new tires put on and still same problem.

Still need some advice

If the problem source was the tires (and / or rims), then moving the tires (and rims) around should have changed the vibration in some way - and it didn’t. So the problem isn’t tires or rims.

This is partially confirmed by replacing the tires - to no effect.

Vibrations in the 50 to 70 mph region are generally wheel end related - and since we’ve eliminated the tire and the rim as a possible source, start looking at the other components - brake rotors, hubs, etc. All of those components also rotate, and have to have good balance.

Plus, wheel bearings out of adjustment, damaged suspension bushings can also result in a vibration.