The 007 bond van!

help i have a e-350 ford van with a 7.3 turbo diesel it runs well, and uses some oil , but whenever it sits idling for a while and when you drive off you have a plume of blue white smoke for a minute , till cleared , one person thought it was the turbo dragging, helllp! les

96 model

Blue smoke means it’s burning oil. Only way to fix that is to rebuild the engine.

possibly a leaking fuel injector. Does the engine have any aftermarket parts (Banks, Bully Dog, etc.)? or has the computer been reflashed via with a more aggressive tune?

Try removing the intake side hose from the turbo and check for oil residue. If any is found, the turbo bearing seal is leaking.


i can’t detect any blue smoke during standard driving but could be there, apperas just when sitting for long idle…les

Agree with Tester and suspect oil is collecting in the turbo during idle. Turbochargers need a good amount of oil flow for lubrication and cooling. When the motor is idling not much is going on with the turbo as far as moving air and the oil is collecting somewhere. Then you accelerate and the turbo spools up and “blows” the oil into the cylinders, and out of the tailpipe comes the smoke.

How often do you need to top off the oil? How many quarts are you using every 1,000 or 5,000 miles?

i’m using about one quart per 1000 miles, will this leak cause serious problems if i wait to repair?