Thawing out my subaru

Sadly, I think my block heater is not working. It’s a balmy -40. I want to get it started if I can. I tried putting insulated blankets on the hood of my car and a light under the car. No go. I tried lighting some charcoal briquets and after the flame was gone putting that under the car where the oil pan is. I left it there for two hours and my car did not start but it is turning over some. Any suggestions? I don’t have a garage and I may have to have it towed somewhere to thaw but I thought why not see if someone out in cyberspace as long as I am stuck here on a chilly Sunday. Thanks.

You can increase the output of your battery if you take it inside to warm for several hours, then, reinstall it, and try to start. If you have a flammable spray can of something non-toxic to spray into the air intake, PAST the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, try that.