Thanks for the advice

Personally, I’d prefer to not file a claim unless I’ve had at least $2,100 above the deductible.

We had a friend that had a lapse of insurance coverage and than had a claim and then she was dropped (not renewed). She went to an insurance agent; she could only find really expensive insurance.

I do apologize for saying it was foolish to file a claim.

There is an expense the insurance company incurs when processing a claim. That is part of the reason for the deductible. I have comprehensive with no deductible and collision with $1000 deductible. Many years ago, some vandals snapped off my radio antenna. Rather than turn in a claim on my comprehensive, I bought a new antenna which was less than $10. I installed it in 15 minutes. Had I taken the car to a shop for a new antenna, I would have been out an hour of my time and the insurance out about $25. I saved time and didn’t have a claim on my record.