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Texting and driving

Found a neat video showing how the “texting experts” really drive while they’re using their phones while driving


It seems to be WORSE, when at military installations. Dependent wives, wondering why their husbands aren’t home yet, because the woman is ready to start talking about her day.

Why don’t people just pull over? I’d rather not reply to an urgent message than crash…

because they are afraid they’ll miss something if they don’t get it right away. In this age “have to have it in 5 minutes or less”, people put things on the back burner when they get that call/text.
I think if vehicles took a step backwards about 50 years or so in terms of auto safety, then people might start paying attention more. Would someone really have to pick up that phone if they knew the all metal dash and non-collapsible steering wheel will crush their ribcage if they hit something?

It’s just not safe. Period. It doesn’t matter how great of “multi-tasker” one is.

Yes. Lack of safety features won’t change human stupidity.

And it’ll help thin the heard a little bit. The fewer idiots on the road, the more oil we’ll save

I had a wacky teacher in high school who would witness this kind of behavior and proclaim “my god, they can vote and breed!”