test email alert!

I’ll bite.
What are you testing ?
To see if you receive an email notice that someone answered your query ?

Last time I posted a question I didn’t see that option anymore.

Nope, still not working.

It’s working for me…did you update your browser???

Yep. Mine works Great :slight_smile:

Your grade will be posted for your viewing Tuesday.

Hold up, what’s not working, SteveF? Same problems as before?

And yesssss, nice to see you’re still up and running, badbearing!

Mr. MB, what grade?!

The test grade.

Sorry, bad joke.

Oops. I’ve been trying to keep track of the problems people have had, so forgive me for being a little literal.

Groovy Man…I can dig it

Cd, you’ve done nothing to be forgiven for. But I forgive you anyway…in advance…just in case.

I’m not forgiving her. For whatever it is.

Carolyn is a Czarina. She does not need your forgiveness!

Cancel my comment about not working.
I’m not having any problems. Good work.