Terraclean information

I have heard of a procedure which supposedly cleans carbon build from all or most of the engine including O2 sensor and catalytic converter. Has anyone heardd of this and have any unbiased opinions or facts. Thanks

And what makes you think you HAVE carbon buildup??..OR the little that you have is causing any problems.

I work with a guy who swears this works. He wants me to go to the Terraclean website and read the testimonials. A youtube clip of the process looks like it may work but I still think it is a gimick for suckers.

Well, anyone can make a Youtube that makes anything look good. Is your car having a problem? If not, it’s certainly a waste of money. If your car is having problems, a flush may or may not help. There are lots of flush systems out there, this is far from the only one.

I just looked at the web site, my BS light is flashing big time. Lots of stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Carbon is insoluble…No automotive additive will touch it. Most engine deposits are the leftovers from burning motor oil…The viscosity improvers leave heavy ash deposits. Carbon is seldom if ever a problem in modern gasoline engines…