Tenth altinator

Tenth altinator and have not been able to figure out why its draining and dying. Have mulled over the power window fight my girls had on car doors now passenger side doesn’t work have fiddled with it so am thinking wires messed up even thought I didnt rearrange wires!, also back brake right light goes out quite frequently too is this another symptom?? Have change alt and selonoid and starter alot!! Help??

We need more information to be able give any help. Year, make, model, mileage, exact symptoms, for starters (no pun intended).

The failure of the alternators may be due to a problem in the wiring to it. There may be a problem that is causing the unit to run at full output, contiuously. This will cause an early death. The other problems you mention are seperate issues. The charging system needs to be checked out for a hidden problem. I suggest you have a shop that specializes in electrical repairs check these problems out.

It’s very difficult (sometimes, impossible) to troubleshoot an electrical system without a test tool…namely, a quality, electrical, digital multimeter ($25 at Walmart); and, the appropriate wiring diagrams.
Some alternators have the voltage regulator built into the alternator. Some voltage regulators are external to the alternator; then, changing the alternator wouldn’t change the voltage regulator.
Unless you’re willing to learn how to use a multimeter and wiring diagrams, I don’t have much hope for you to be able to find the fault.
An experienced mechanic is probably your best bet.

TEN alternators? Hope the shop or store you bought them from allowed you to return them and get a refund. Most places won’t accept returned and used automotive electrical components.

Is that Eleventh alternator, now?!

I’m curious. Were all the ‘bad’ alternators checked to see if they were truely defective? A lot of parts stores have a testing station that will tell if an alternator is dead. Is that the case with all ten of your alternators?