Tempature gauge still kind of high?

So i have a Benz C250 2013. I just took it yesterday to get the oil changed brakes flushed and fluid levels checked. Everything was good according to the mechanic. But my temperature gauge is it still at 95 everythime i turn it on. Anyone might know what to check on it? It has coolant so i don’t know what elae it can be?!

I assume you’re talking 95 Celcius, or around 205 F.
Is it that even when you start it cold? Immediately at 95?
Did you mention this to your mechanic while he had the car?

95? That must be 95 degrees Celsius which is 203 F… Right where it should be. So what’s the problem?

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The cooling system thermostat in the engine begins to open at 88 to 92 degrees Celsius, 95 degrees should be normal operating temperature.

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Im assuming it would be C° or am i wrong? I dont know but its almost to the highest number 120 where its marking red. .

But it was never like this. It started when the car needed service. But it never went down when the mechanic did the service on it.

It starts at 40 but within 5 minutes the gauge moves up pretty quick to 95C° Its never happened. But mechanic says nothing is wrong I just think something is still up with it since it moves up almost to the red dash mark.

Where did it used to be once it got to operating temperature (after five minutes)?

Around 60C° im hoping its a normal temp because its stays at 95 even after like an hour ride

60 C is only around 140 F; I’m surprised you didn’t ever get a CEL light on with a code for low temperature. As the other gentlemen said, 205 F is your normal operating temp.
On my gauges, GM’s generally rest at just under half for proper temp, Ford generally right at half or even just above halfway. I don’t know Benz, but if your needle is somewhere around the halfway point, that is probably correct (95 C). And, if it never exceeds that on a long drive, you should be good to go.

Is it 95C (which is perfectly normal) or 105C (248F)?
105 suggests is too high, but it ain’t deadly yet.
You may need a new thermostat, a coolant system flush, or simply a system burping, but since this is a change in its operating temperature you should get this diagnosed and corrected. You might even simply have radiator vanes clogged up with leaves, bugs, or something else.

You should also check the condition of the coolant (COLD ONLY) for discoloration, gump buildup under the radiator cap, contamination in the reservoir, stuff like that. And try a new radiator cap.

You should also check when the engine is at full temperature to see if the cooling fan is operating (take it for a short high speed spin to get it hot). And turn the AC system on to see if it automatically goes on (it should).

Post back with your results.

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The temperature gauge should look something like this;

This looks high but it is normal for that vehicle. 60 degrees C is too low, I doubt it was that low before.

Ill post a picture when I get into my car and start it. Because the 60 on my gauge iisno in that order i think. Not sure

You might wait until it reaches full temp before taking the photo.

Okay sure i will.

When I turn it on it obviously starts at 40 but within seconds it goes up to 60 then climbs up quick to almost the 100 mark and thats just within less than 10 minutes. But it doesnt move from there. I kust think its weird that its never done that to me until maybe 2 weeks ago

It’s more than weird. It’s a sign that something has gone awry. A tip of the hat to you for being aware and for addressing it promptly.

The gauge appears to be at approximately 90 degrees Celsius.

The service manual indicates the engines thermostat should begin to open at between 88 and 92 degrees Celsius, the normal operating temperature should be 90 to 95 C.

The gauge does appear to be high but is normal. Your temperature gauge appears to display actual temperature, other cars do not.

Most cars made during the last 20 years have dumb-down temperature gauges. Manufactures have designed their temperature gauges to display in the center of the gauge when the engine temperature is between 180F and 240F. This type of gauge display does not show the normal fluctuation of engine temperature when the cooling fans cycle on/off. Keeping the gauge at center during normal operation does not distract the driver like an accurate gauge would.

If that’s where it’s stabilizing, that’s normal.

If it’s getting to 105C as you mentioned in an earlier post and then dropping back to 90C, than either your thermostat is sticking (highly likely) or you might have some air entrapped in the system. Both are cheap and easy to correct.