Tell Me About Your Flat Tire Issues

Oh yeah, I bet you smoke those wood chips. Yeah, that’s it. :wink:


How could she tell your the straight up guy we know you to be? My wife ran out of gas on the highway near home. I was about a half hour away, and a man and his son stopped to help. I was concerned about what help they would offer and what it would cost. Fortunately, our daughter showed up with a gas can shortly after they stopped. Maybe they were decent humans, and I’m glad I didn’t have to find out.

I do believe that unless you call a tire service they all work that way.

Well I had a suit on and “Courtesy Patrol” signs on the car.


Some people are more trusting than others. Don’t be too harsh on her.

AAA in my area does not change tires anymore. They re-inflate the flat with a can of “Slime”. Your AAA club may have a different policy.

Called AAA several years ago, rather than change my tire he plugged it, then inflated it.

I bought a new 55 Cheve off the dealers showroom floor in Cleveland Ohio on a Saturday and left for my job in Fort Walton Beach Florida on Sunday. When I arrived there on Tuesday I took it to the Cheve dealer, complaining that the tires were not balanced. The balancer technician tried several times to achieve a balance without success. He called me over and said “Listen”. As he turned the wheel by hand on the balancer, there was a rumbling sound. He took the tire off of the wheel and extracted a handfull of rubber balls of various diameters. There were rubber balls in the three remaining wheels, and rubber strips in the spare. The rubber strips were left over from the manufacturing process and turn into balls after the tire is run for a while.


lol … good story, similar to the plot in EA Poe’s “The Purloined Letter”.

Well hey, they used to put beer bottles inside the quarter panels to rattle. At least you’d eventually find the balls when changing tires. :grin:

Most recent also the most unusual. Driving an 07 MX-5 with run-flats when I apparently hit an unseen pothole while merging onto an interstate. First the TPMS sensor lights up and in short order the “flat tire” warning. Car is still rolling, no steering issues, no vibrations. Should have stopped to look but was afraid of what I might see 20 miles from home. Slowed down, got onto local roads and babied it home to find two tears in the sidewall of the left front tire giving me a two inch wide flap of rubber. I question whether the same damage would have been caused to a regular tire, but since there is no place for a spare in the car and this damage could not have been addressed with goo and a compressor, it answered my question about replacement tires and I went with a new set of run flats. No damage to the wheel.