Tell Me About Your Flat Tire Issues

Reminds me of a doc that took a lure out of me as a kid, he had a big map of the area maybe 4 x 6 feet. Hung the hook on the lake, and there were a lot of lures on that map!

Grown up now a bud of mine was casting, and caught this great white northern, in the leg. Pushed the hook through and clipped the barbs, no Dr.!

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I think on Leech Lake fishing with neighbor kid and his dad. Dad got hooked, pulled his pliers and iodine out of the tackle box to remedy the situation. Never heard of anyone keeping iodine in their tackle box but good idea.

My partner in crime had a map of Minnesota on the wall of his office. Said when he started work some 30 years before, he highlighted every road in Minnesota he had traveled on. When he retired there were only a couple roads he hadn’t traveled. I think one you had to go through Canada to get to. 20-30 cents a mile adds up if you invest it. Big state.


Maybe once a year or so to have something on tires,nail,screw,piece of metal and plug kit on my garage and compressor,now lately TPMS help’s to alert.From regular street,highway’s,alley’s it’s hard to know when and where to get flat.Yearly check on spare air pressure and equipment to use to change it.

Everyone should have their own compressor plus a bottle of dishwashing detergent to check for leaks. Compressors are cheap and versatile.


Yeah, I’ve never figured it out and it’s “haunted” me ever since. It was daylight, maybe 4:00PM, dry pavement, and I would have seen a pothole or some object in the road but there was nothing, either before or after. As I mentioned, I’d just begun accelerating from a four way stop, which probably minimized the damage. If I bent a wheel going maybe 30-35 mph, imagine if I’d hit whatever it was at 55.

I’ve always thought if somebody wanted to move “questionable” goods from one place to another, inside the tires might be a good place. Did you ever find anything like that?

I’ve related this flat-story here prior, years ago my mother was driving a Ford Galaxy 500 up a fairly steep mountain pass in Colorado in a big snow-storm, and got a flat. She didn’t know how to change the tire, so she just pulled over and hoped somebody would come by eventually to assist. After 1/2 hour or so a gentlemen stops and asks what the problem is, says he noticed her car there on the side of the road as he passed 1/2 h ago. "Flat? “No problem I’ll change the tire for you.” By this time the snow has accumulated another 4 or 5 inches. He changes the tire, mom takes a look, turns out it’s the wrong tire! He changed one of the good ones. Mom is reluctant to tell him b/c its now dark & snowing like crazy, and the guy is wet & totally covered in snow. But he senses something is wrong, asks what it is “oh, I see, I changed the wrong tire. Ok, get back inside, I’ll do it correctly this time.” Which he does. Mom says “can’t thank you enough, here’s some money for your effort” hands him $50 or something. “That’s ok, no need to pay me, glad to help!” And off he goes.

Not a flat related story, but I was driving to work, into the sun, did not see anything heard a big thump, missed a pothole maybe. Get to work and there is a giant clump of a ladies long hair hanging from my front bumper. OMG! The clump had a bunch of gum so figuring they cut it out and tossed it, Scared the begeesus out of me!


you hit Bigfoot. LOL


It’s all over the interwebs….

Search for “drugs inside tires”.

I don’t know how to do multiple responses so . . . Coming back from Mexico in 1974 with my 74 Cutlass, the US guys went over it with a fine tooth comb. Took the ash trays in the doors out and checked, looked at the trunk and the spare, etc. And that was before meth and all the other junk on the street.

Coming home from work about a mile from home I hit something with my right front tire. Immediately blew out. Never found what it was but sounded like part of a leaf spring. After dinner drove back up to Target when they had auto service for a couple new tires.

Shortly after my wife bought our Aurora, she blew a front tire out. At night on the freeway before cell phones, 20 miles from home. Wasn’t late enough where I would have gone looking, but after a while some guy stopped and changed the tire for her. Back when people did that. Put four new tires on the next day but the good part is ever since then she has been super concerned about tires. I remember once in broad daylight I stopped for a lady on the freeway to see if I could help and she just waved me off, didn’t want to talk, said help was on the way. Still don’t know if it was true or not but didn’t want to scare her any more. Fine line I guess.

Had a bud in the 70’s, police knew him, bad tail light pulled him over and did a search, even looked inside the spare, sun visors etc. Missed the box in his back seat marked dope box full of stuff. Hiding in plain sight! That was part of a safety lecture once, when you have the safety gear, people ignore you. Remember swithching away from orange becaause people thought you were just another barrel :slight_smile:

Hiding in plain sight. Like the thief that says to work under a street light and not in the dark. Stupid me, I probably would have told them.

I’m pretty sure if someone was moving contraband, they would have removed it BEFORE they sent the tire to me!


Driving on I95, got a puncture, pulled off to the side. One of our 95 degree, 95% humidity days, Highway Patrol zipping by. Had I been a 19 year old female in a bikini, would have had plenty of help. After that, I purchased roadside service.
Tires were down to 5/32 or so, happened near a big box store. Truck, an 01 Ranger had 70 series tires, none in stock, replaced all four with 75 series, truck actually looked and performed better with the 75s. Yes, I know the speedometer was slightly off.

My lawn mower was a magnet for roofing nails, lawnmower just got the green stuff in the tires.

I am not sure but I think it was in the 80s. when this happened I know you have seen big trucks being delivered by the piggy back method with the front of one truck setting up n the back of another one any way they were sealing drugs inside PVC pipes and putting the pipes inside the exhaust pipes so the drug sniffing dogs could not detect them.

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I haven’t had a flat in the past 15 years. I stopped driving a couple months ago, and I neither know or care if her car has a spare tire. We both have AAA and cellphones.

from what I understand, and I could be wrong. but the few times my daughter has used AAA they only change the tire with a spare and not fix the flat. OR maybe she used our roadside assist from our insurance. but I think they work the same way.

Yeah that’s pretty much everyone. They don’t carry any equipment to fix or change a tire. The one time I called Acura Roadside they said they would put the spare on. I said I can do that, what I need is a new tire on Saturday afternoon. Sorry Sir, we can’t help.

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Oh boy, if my house ever gets raided, you guys are my witness. I have a four foot piece of 3" PVC. Sealed on one end and a screw top on the other. I used it for hot soaking wood strips for bending. Worked great. Honest. No drugs. Wood strips officer. $20,000 bail.