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Technical Service Bulletin jungle

Good Morning,

My question is how serious is this TSB? I don?t know the full description, but the sort description does apply to my current problem.

I?ll be leaving on Sunday and will be driving 800 miles and would like to know if you can tell me how safe I?ll be. The TSB is 07043 for my 2006 Honda Civic 4Dr. automatic. The problem is when I turn the wheels I hear a popping noise in the front and when I go over minor bumps such as a manhole cover it feels as if I?m going over moguls while skiing. Do you think they?re the same problem or separate?

My car is 2 1/2 years old with 46,000 and is out of warranty. I?m on a limited budget (and who isn?t these days) so I wrote a letter to the Vice President of Honda asking them to cover the price to fix it, but haven?t heard back. I explained that my car has been in the shop 10 different times for 9 different things and even though it can?t be classified as a lemon, it certainly isn?t reliable.

I?d like to know if I should rent a car or can I drive down to my Mom & Dad?s? I appreciate any information you can provide.

Here is a You-Tube clip (mostly audio) of Bill Pealer’s car with a suspension pop. Listen to it to determine if it’s the sound your car has: Scroll down to September 6, 2007. Read his fix comments on September 23, 2007.
IF your car does have a defective suspension bump stop, it’s not critical; never the less, have it checked to ensure that that is what the problem is.

Here is the Honda Service Bulletin 07-043, dated July 18, 2007. It’s 2 pages long. The repair time is 2.3 hours (times shop rate $), for left and right side bump stop replacements. Ask for “goodwill consideration” before beginning repairs.

If the situation addressed in the TSB is what’s causing the problem, you can wait on the repair. It’s a noise issue; there is nothing unsafe.

But you’ll need to have the front suspension checked to ensure that this IS the issue, and it’s not something dangerous like a defective balljoint.