Taurus A/C low side valve leaking

2001 Taurus, 3.0 ltr, 133K miles.

At the beginning of summer, we had the A/C recharged due to low pressure, the compressor cycling on and off, and the mechanic put some U/V dye in the system.

Around the area of the low side valve (next to the firewall) I can see the green dye and when I pulled off the cap, the valve stem seemed to be flooded with the green stuff.

Is this an easy fix, I guess the system will have to be recovered and the valve assembly replaced. I know a commercial shredder valve and be tightened clockwise, but not sure if this is the same thing.

It may just need the valve mechanism, similar to where you put air into a tire, replaced. Yes you will need to have the R134a recovered.

Assuming you’re not having a problem now, my guess would be that what you’re seeing on the valve is residue from the tech’s having put the dye in the system. I’d leave it alone unless I again had a loss of refridgerant.

If the valve core is indeed leaking, AC techs have a tool that allows replacement of the valve core without the loss of refrigerant.


Thanks for the answers. I do believe it the valve core is leaking. It looks to be leaking under the cap and has left some of compressor oil or dye residue about 2 inches each side the valve. Mountain, there is a loss of 134A. My daughter drove up the other day and I could hear the compressor cycling on/off again.

Tester, I forgot about this. We have the same setup on the oil rig that I work on, can replace the valve core without loss of coolant. I’ll ask the mechanic if they can do that.

This is a common place for leakage it is also the place the dye was introduced,it could just be residue from the dye injection. A quick sniff with a electronic detector will clear the issue up. I like using a combination of methods to find and verify leaks.

Rather than just replace the valve core I would replace the entire valve,then you can get another evacuation (after recovery) and a correct recharge by weight. The AC tech should not charge you for a full charge,it should be less what he recovered.

Try as I may I can’t picture replacing the schrader valve without first recovering the charge.

Have you condidered drier replacement,your system was low on a charge.

Looked at the tool. I did not like the connection between DIYers and AC work. And as a pro I have access to recovery and evacuation equipment and so does the OP’s mechanic (the person who put the dye in). It would not be a addition to my box. Looks pretty neet though.

Here’s an example of one of these tools http://www.truckpartsproshop.com/r_134a_valve_core_replacement_tool_kits.html