Tapping Noise

I have a tapping noise that starts when I start the car and when I accelerate the noise also speeds up. I have a terrible fear of valves but hope it is something else. Car has 170,000 but is not driven hard.

Please Give The Model-Year Of The Lexus RX 300 And Since You Feel The Noise Is Coming From The Engine, Which Engine Does It Have ? Does It Have An Automatic Transmisssion ? AWD ?


So, kind …so gentle …rather noble and gentile. I’m humbled, CSA.

I’ll ask a generic question.

When’s the last time the oil and filter were changed? I hope this isn’t another sludged Lexus that was driven under the (play on words here) American Standard maintenance modality.

This should be a mechanical lifter engine.
Look at the underhood sticker and see if a valve lash spec is given.

Valve lash should be inspected and adjusted as necessary every 30k miles and excessive valve lash will cause a tapping noise.
Tapping that has gone on for quite a while can damage the lifter, the valve stem, and even the camshaft lobe(s).

Making a wild guess here, I’d venture to say the lash has never been inspected at all.