Taillight bulb

I have a 2004 Hyundai Accent. Can anyone tell me whether the taillight bulb is the same bulb that is used when I stop or slow down or are there two separate bulbs? Thank you very much. abxxx

I don’t know off hand. Maybe if you told us more, we might be able to give you the real answer. Why are you asking?

My guess is it is a single lamp with two filaments. (OK I checked and it looks like it is a combo lamp, the same lamp is used for both it is a #1157 lamp)

The owner’s manual should have a bulb chart or list, and it will tell you whether there are two bulbs or one.

You might be able to tell by turning on the marker lights and having someone sit in the car and press the brake while you observe the rear end of the vehicle.

If there seems to be one pair of lights that get brighter when your assistant presses the brakes, it is most likely a single bulb.