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Tahoe Quarter Panel

OK - So I just slid into a mailbox. Not just any mailbox, my father-in-laws, with my wife’s 2002 Chevy Tahoe. The good news is that he is an engineer and built a VERY stable mailbox. The bad news is that the Tahoe did not fair as well. I dented (slightly) the front driver quarter panel just behind the headlight. I cannot seem to find any information on removing it. I do my own oil changes and break jobs so I am not a novice at getting around the truck. I was wondering:

1. Is it difficult to remove the part and gently tap it back into shape

2. Is it dangerous?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Consider paintless dent removal.

I used a ding-king on my bike’s (motorcycles) tank. If it is not creased, the $19.95 dent puller might be for you. You glue a little pad in the middle of the dent, then use leverage to pull it out. Once the part pops back to shape, the glue comes right off. It worked better than I had hoped.