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Tacoma Phantom Squeal

How do I find that noise? It doesn’t start until the truck is moving, but then squeals fairly consistently, and noticeably louder when you left off the gas. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The Details:

2000 Toyota Tacoma

2.7 L 4 cyl

70000 miles

standard trans

No mods, no recent or major repairs

The problem with isolating the noise (i’ve been trying) is that it doesn’t start until the truck is moving faster than i could run next to it and listen and save for driving down the road with my friend hung under the hood, i don’t know how to isolate it.

I can say that it comes from the front end and driving with a load in the back of the truck recently it disappeared. Sounds like a squeaky bearing somewhere. Could it be one of the belt pulleys? On the driveshaft? transmission? Any thoughts please.

How are the motor and tranny mounts? Check them with a bar?

Grease the 5 or so fittings near the U joints along the drive shaft, and your squeal is gone! I was so releaved to find this fix elsewhere - I tried it and it fixed my 2003 Tacoma with these exact symptoms.