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Tacoma mechanics

My daughter goes to college in Tacoma, Wa. She drives a 95 Subaru wagon. We put a new alternator belt on it this summer, and I’m told it has developed a squeak (We’re 165 miles away in Portland) Does anyone know of a mechanic in Tacoma that knows their stuff, and can be trusted not to see a gift wrapped bag of money when a 20 year old walks into their shop with an older vehicle?
Lower right hand corner is the mechanics files and you can look through those a start.

Go to mechanics files, bottom right of home page and put in her zip code.

Did a quick check of reviews and was reasonably impressed with Steves Pacific Imports, on Pacific Ave South. Appears at least one is an former dealership Subaru mechanic.

For what it’s worth, my wife got her degree from Pacific Lutheran when we were stationed at Ft Lewis.

Thanks, will check them out. (Jayhawk, she goes to UPS. Looked @ PLU also, UPS offered better aid, etc)

That’s funny, because my wife went to PLU (despite her Methodist heritage) because they offered better financial aid. Of course, we also lived nearer UPS; our family isn’t noted for doing things the easy way… Both are good, solid schools.