I’ve driven minivans with tachometers (and oil pressure & voltmeter gauges - a 1990 Plymouth Voyager and a 1993 Voyager after the '90 died). Now I have a 2005 Town & Country which only has the temperature gauge. Am I being too much of a car nerd to want a tachometer and the other gauges? I know that there’s not a whole lot I can do if something goes wrong, but I did enjoy knowing what was going on under the hood. Thanx in advance. Comments welcome.

There’s a whole bunch of data that’s gathered by the OBDII system…RPM among them.

You can buy a device (around $150) that plugs into the OBDII port to keep track of that stuff in real-time…but be advised that this would qualify you as a grade-A “car nerd!”

You’re being punished for not optioning up on the T&C! The tachometer is right up there with the pinstripes and the gold trim in terms of stuff the dealer really wants to sell you and you really don’t need. If your old Voyagers had been stripper models (stripped-down, that is), they wouldn’t have had tachs either and if you (or the original owner) had optioned up on the T&C like a good customer, you too could be watching the undulating needle tell you nothing you couldn’t have surmised from the speedometer!