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Synthetic Oil

Last October I purchased a 2010 Subaru Forester. After my first 3,600 mile checkup the dealer told me that I would not have to come back for an oil change for another 7,500 miles because they put in a synthetic/petrolium oil. This was good news as I'm used to changing the oil every 3,000 miles. I'm now into about 4,000 miles of the 7,500 sinthetic oil change and I'm getting emails from the dealer saying that it's 5 months since my last service and should make an appointment to service my subaru - for an oil change.

My question: Is the synthetic oil going to be good for 7,500 miles or does it have an experation date?

Check your owner’s manual if you are under warranty. Most best recollection is 6 months or 7500 miles, but that may not be true for Subaru anymore. We always accumulate miles before any of the time limits run out, so I don’t pay attention to time limits, in general.

You'll always get those notices. Long before the New Baloneyum started, we were working for a non-human boss. The computer that generates these reminders has no program that tells it which type of oil is in your car.

In any case, you should find out what oil change interval is recommended by the owners manual if it is even listed there. Some may have extended intervals listed for synthetic oil but it isn't a universal practice.

Do whatever keeps your warranty in effect.

I get such notices as well. I only take them up if they come with a coupon. Otherwise I ignore them and follow my own schedule, typically every 6 months. Consult your owner’s manual and then decide.

Almost every maintenance item has both an odometer mileage limit and an elapsed time limit, with the proviso–Whichever comes first.

So–you need to open your glove compartment, take out the booklet titled Subaru Maintenance and Warranty, and read what the elapsed time limit is according the manufacturer. If you don’t want to lose your warranty coverage on the engine, you will not exceed the elapsed time limit.

That being said, I would not go past 6 months between oil changes, even if the mfr allows a longer time interval. As one of the other members of this board has said, “Oil is relatively cheap, and engines are expensive”. The object of the game is to prolong the life of the engine, not to prolong the life of the motor oil.

Please note–I really did want to eliminate some of the unnecessary bold font in my preceding post, but ever since the edit function appeared to have stopped working a few days ago, I don’t see a way to do any editing after posting.

Bold print is easier to read. I’m getting older and I have a birthday coming up, I think.

Since you wanted to remove it, this isn’t about you: Bold type on bulletin boards is shouting for people who don’t want to be accused of SHOUTING. It’s a way of shouting LOOK AT ME.

ctrl + on your keyboard is a way of making the type look bigger for those who need it.

Bold print is easier to read. I'm getting older and I have a birthday coming up, I think.

Or you can make it larger.

As I said “ctrl + on your keyboard is a way of making the type look bigger for those who need it.”

Dealers and some independent shops send out these reminder notices. Your owner's manual will tell you what services are needed at what times and what dates. My independent shop sends me reminder notices and interestingly these notices coincide with the time and mileage recommended in the owner's manual.

The dealer where I bought my previous minivan also sent reminder notices about servicing. The same dealer also sent a reminder that I had owned the car for three years and perhaps I wanted to think about upgrading to a newer vehicle. We purchased a new Toyota 4Runner back in 2003 from a Toyota dealer. We have never visited the Honda dealer, but we have received letters from this Honda dealer that they have a buyer for our Toyota 4Runner and they also name what they would give for the 4Runner. They don't have a seller as we have no intention of trading or selling the 4Runner. I guess you can't blame them for trying.

True, Piter, and “ctrl -” makes the type smaller. However I do miss the ability to control the actual SIZE of the type. One’s tiny, the other huge. When one ages and gets bifocals or trifocals, size matters more.

Are all of you having trouble with the edit button?

When I click on “edit”, I get a small blue field with none of my text.
If there is no text, how can I edit anything?

Is this what others are encountering?

You're right - if there's no text, there's nothing to edit. Which browser are you using? Does it freeze when you try to edit your post? Is it all comments you try to edit, or just from this discussion? I know others have problems with erratic spacing and some other abnormalities, which have been noted and passed on. I'm trying to get as much info together as possible, because I want to make sure that any and all problems associated with the editor are resolved.

Sorry for the trouble, and please don't hesitate to keep me posted. I don't have any info yet, but I will pass it on when I have it.

I am using IE 9.
No, it doesn’t freeze, it just gives me an essentially blank light blue field in the area where one normally enters or edits text.

And–yes–this problem takes place in all threads–not just in this thread.

Right now, some of us are using up extra band width by having to post twice in order to clarify a post where we made an error.

At work I use IE, and every time (EVERY single time) I hit the “Post Comment” button, it posts, but the browser locks up, and starts consuming memory at a very rapid rate. I also get a warning about a script, and it prompts me to end the script…I do, but it doesn’t work. I have to kill the task in task manager.

If I hit the “Show Source” button, same results…memory and looping script.

This doesn’t happen in FireFox (4.0.1) for me. Just IE. Haven’t tried Chrome.


if you have a mouse with a wheel in it, you can just hold the CTRL key and scroll either way to make it larger/smaller

As always, thank you both for the info.

I regret how many bumps there have been since the addition of the new features, but I’m hopeful they can be resolved. If they can’t, we’ll deal with that when it comes. Of course, you’ll be notified accordingly!