Synthenic Oil Change

I just went for an oil change and mentioned that I had a oil change with synthenic blend and wanted the same. Well he gave me full synthenic which I did not want. What will happen if I want to go back? Will I need a flush before going back>

Synthetic and regular oils are fully compatible. You can switch back and forth all you want, or mix the two.


No. Switch From Conventional Or Blend To Full-Syn And Back To Whichever. No Flush Necessary.


Really, I was going nuts. So my car now has full synthenic and I can go back to regular oil (non synthenic if I want to). I hate not knowing these things.

Synthetic and dino oils are both exactly the same chemically. The only differences are that synthetic is purer and has more consistant molecular size…allegedly. You may mix them, change back and forth, or use whichever you like whenever you like to your heart’s content. has a good primer on oils. I recommend a visit.

thank you. i feel better now. i appreciate your response.

When the stuff first came out, there were some possible conflicts with standard oils, but it was not long before that problem was resolved, but grandpa still remembers the problem and it has been passed down to the grand kids now.

synthenic is spelled “synthetic”.