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Switch to synthetic for '99 Chevrolet Silverado 1500?

I’ve been using the cheapest oil I can find for my truck because it burns it, is it worth it to go synthetic?

This is easy . No.

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No need for synthetic but at least buy oil that meets the trucks required specs!

Your truck burns oil because has worn parts. You use the cheapest oil that doesn’t protect the parts you have because it burns it. Why not just drive it straight to the junkyard? Because that’s what you are doing by using cheap oil.

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How much does it burn? Any visible leaks? Have you changed the PCV valve?

But to answer your question: No. It won’t help. Using the cheapest 5w-30 high mileage oil would be what I would do.

Definitely a NO on this one. Now that she burns oil her time is limited… Also you will burn more oil based on oil viscosity at this point… The thinner the oil the faster you will burn it… Its really a downhill slope at this point

“Burns oil”

That cuts a wide swath. How many quarts per 1000 miles? If it’s one quart or less, just keep feeding it cheap stuff that meets the requirements GM imposes. If it’s four quarts per 1000 miles, start looking for another truck.

There’s no such thing as an Inferior oil if the oil container displays this symbol.

This symbol means that the oil meets the standards of the American Petroleum Institute, and the Society of Automotive Engineers.


That would be grade SL, a realtively modern grade. As the brothers discuss here.

There are lesser grades available.

You do realize that when the newer/improved oils are introduced into the market, the older oils are phased out where they can’t even be purchased?


Where do you think leftover out of production lower grades of oil goes?
Dollar General maybe?
Where do you think a guy with a truck that burns a lot of oil gets his cheap oil?


They got caught!

Doesn’t mean it’s the norm!


The inferior oils weren’t inferior at one time. Maybe they weren’t inferior in 1999! I use whatever’s on sale, myself. Never an engine problem. I use Supertech (Wal Mart house brand) pretty often. I doubt the engine knows it isn’t Amsoil. I could be wrong. I usually get rid of a vehicle around 200k miles. If you’re shooting for 300k, maybe boutique oils are better? But the people who buy the top of the line oils have money to burn, get bored, and trade more often than I do!

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I wouldn’t switch to synthetic as it might make the oil loss rate worse. Folks here may have some ideas what’s causing the engine to use (or lose) more oil than expected, or some tests to do to figure it out.

A 99 Chevy engine using oil?

If it ain’t leaking the oil, it’s burning it because of worn cylinders/piston rings.

To confirm this, add this product to the engine oil.

If the oil consumption slows down/stops, it’s worn cylinders/piston rings.