Suzuki Idle Problem with AC Off

I have a Suzuki Esteem on which I have recently had following work done from a suzuki dealer on their recommendation.

  1. Throttle body repair and Cleaning.
  2. idle air control valve cleaning
  3. New fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs
  4. Engine tuning.
  5. New battery.
  6. New power steering belt.

PROBLEM: (Only when AC is OFF)

When my car reaches operating temperature the engine stalls out after three seconds at idle.

Suzuki dealer does not seem to know the reason behind this and they want to keep it for a few more days however i think they will just keep replacing parts one after another.

It would be great if anyone could recommend a solution.


Suzuki Esteem

Model-Year, Please?

Actually its a suzuki baleno also known as esteem in the US. Its model is 2004.