SUV Vs. Diesel Wagon



I drive between Canada and Mexico twice a year. Right now I am driving a 97 Ford Explorer Sport 5 speed, 4X4. I would really like to improve my MPG. Would I be better off to buy a VW Jetta diesel wagon? What’s the difference between a GSL and a TDI?


Well I would expect to have a real difference in the mileage between what you have now and a TDI. I have a NB and on the road I get upper 50’s to low 60’s.

The GSL designation, I believe, is just a trim level difference.   TDI is the engine (Turbo Diesel Injection)  

Good Luck


NB probably means New Beetle. You had me for a second!


A Jetta Diesel wagon will get substantially higher MPG than your current vehicle, but will not have the same off road capability. Do you need that off road capability? If not, then a Jetta is fine. If you do need to travel off road, then perhaps it’s not so good.