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Suspension problem?

I have a 2014 Toyota Prius. The right rear passenger side sits 3/4" height than the right rear driver’s side (as measured from the top of the wheel well to the ground. The difference in the front is much less. Otherwise, I have no issues with the car which is getting very good gas mileage as expected. The dealer tells me this difference is within “manufacturer standards.”

Should I be concerned?

You might check with a body shop, they might have the relevant specs. Seems like more that it should be, I’d suspect one of the springs isn’t fully seated, but that’s a guess.

I might drop by the dealer with a tape measure and check several of the Priuses on the lot.

+1 for @texases . It takes a long time on a “show” car to get both sides to match equally in height. Most vehicles are a little higher on one side or the other by a small margin. On others…a large margin if something is broken/worn out.

It doesn’t sound right to me either. I like Texases suggestion to ask a body shop to look up the specs… perhaps even the dealer’s body shop. Specs DO exist that body shops can access, as body shops need them to straighten damaged unibodies on the body alignment table, which is a huge table with hydraulic rams, chains, and measuring capability that actually bends unibodies back into spec.

“The right rear passenger side sits 3/4” height than the right rear driver’s side"

I think you mean the right rear and the left rear are different heights. Look for any items in the trunk that may make a difference, otherwise I would think a spring is compressing or the body itself is off. Ditto on checing the specs but needs to be done by a full service body and frame shop.

I strongly suspect that dealer statement about “manufacturer standards” is a brush-off comment and one would have to believe that Toyota is building the cars with yardsticks and eyeballs for that much of a deviation to be acceptable.

The factory service manuals should provide specs like this along with a plus/minus figure. Ask them to show that spec to you; and all assuming tire pressure is correct, etc.

Agree with @ok4450 but my statement stands. I just went out and measured all my vehicles and my neighbor’s as well. The heights were off from about 1 inch to as much as 3 inches. All were low on the driver’s side for some reason or another. If I have time today I may brainstorm the reason why.

You need to secure those dead bodies a little better.

If your fuel take is on one side…rather than being under the trunk or rear cargo area, wouldn’t a full tank lower it a bit and if the manufacture factored that in…wouldn’t a 1/4 tank raise that side.
I wouldn’t be too concerned with 3/4 inch difference, but I’d wonder about the one that’s 3 inches.
How about the weight of the driver and wear on the springs.

Not in Big Dans case…thats too new to have this problem. But don’t springs just get weak with age???
Just wondering???

Yup. If he were driving a '64 Galaxie, that might be a reason.