Supercharged V8 or Regular V8?

I see the 2009 Jag XF is coming out in a regular V8 (Premium and Luxury) and a Supercharged V8 model. Besides greater horsepower & cost with the supercharged model, what would be other advantages/disadvantages of a supercharged engine?

The main advantages would be additional smooth pulling power and a bit of ego driven bragging rights.
The disadvantages would be slightly more difficult to service, additional parts that could fail, and the fact that you would probably have to run premium grade fuel.

Drive both engines and see what suits your needs & really desires. If you buy a brand new 09 Jag and dislike the regular engine your more likely to sell it off quickly. This is far more expensive to sell a brand new car quicker than anything else due to steep depreciation on new cars initially.

Both versions will probably require premium fuel to run properly.

There is an old saying that applies here. “Speed costs money. How fast can you afford to go?”

Since “nobody” can fix the regular Jag, I can’t see them being able to work on a “one of a kind” type. If you’ve heard one bad excuse from a dealer, why give him a good one?

first ask your insurance company the cost for both cars there could be big diffrence. is this car supercharged or turbo. big differnice.
will the production if this model be limited for this year if so the car value could go up years from now. I think jax gives you 10 years
warr or 1000,000 check on this . drive it 99,000 miles.

The supercharged model is capable of smoking the rear tires at 110 mph.
If you have some place you can drive it that fast, and you really want to…

I’ve heard that Jag engines aren’t the most reliable, but that was some time ago. I thought they would have worked out the bugs by now.

They are better than they were, but still at the end of the line as far as reliability goes. Everyone is better than they used to be. has a feature called True Cost to Own, and calculates repairs over a 5-year period. The XF is too new, but the XJ also uses the supercharged 4.2L. The first 3 years are covered by warranty, yet the 5-year repair estimate is $5300 on average. That is average, and yours could be worse. Maintenance is estimated at an additional $6400. Compare that with a Lexus GS430 at $1100 for repairs and $5700 for maintenance. Or a Cadillac CTS-V at $2100 for repairs and $6100 for maintenance. If you have the spare change for the extra repairs and another car for the days in the shop, enjoy the Jag.