Super vs. unleaded gas for a brand-new Lexus?

I just bought lexus NX300, turbo. Recomend to use super unleaded gas.Can i use regular unleaded. I asked them. Said yes but will give less mileage.What is you advise. Does it destroy the engine. Is it possible for the dealer to know the type of gas I used. Thanks for your opinion.

If premium is recommended and not required you can use it with little chance of damage. But you bought a vehicle that starts at 35000.00 and you want to cheap out on fuel . I say use premium at least until the warranty expires.

Any turbo engine I buy that recommends premium will get premium.

Less mileage and less power, why cheap out now?

You spent all that money on a Lexus and you’re upset about 30 cents a gallon at the pump? That’s kind of an odd thing to get hung up on isn’t it?

Look inside the gas door. If it says premium fuel REQUIRED, you must use premium fuel. If it says premium fuel RECOMMENDED, you don’t have to use it, but as the dealership said, you will see your mpg and your power drop.

Since mpg dropping means you have to buy more gas, you probably won’t end up saving much, if any money, and meanwhile you aren’t getting the performance from your vehicle that you paid the Lexus premium to get.

Were I in your shoes, I would take “recommended” to mean that if I found myself in a two-horse town that didn’t have premium at any of its gas stations, I could fill up on regular without having to buy a bottle of octane boost. But I would be using premium as a rule.

Me too.
I consider my cars to be expensive long term investments. Why would I treat it to discount fuel? For the sake of a few bucks a month? Not worth it.

Kind of reminds me of people who have their garages full of $2,000 worth of junk and leave two $30,000 cars in the driveway. Makes no sense.