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Suggestions for used 4WD SUV to haul tie-dye and drive on beach

My '07 Subaru Outback just died from a thrown rod and I need to replace it. :cry: It was perfect for lugging around my clothes racks, canopy, and tie-dye during craft fair season, but I couldn’t take it on the beach during our Outer Banks trips because it had AWD, not 4WD, and the clearance was too low.

I’m looking for something about the size of the 07 Subaru Outback but with 4WD and higher clearance. Used, between $10K and $20K. Preliminary research has turned up some suggestions (below), would appreciate your thoughts, thanks!

Dodge Durango
Land Rover Range Rover
Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
Jeep Patriot
Jeep Compass
Nissan Xterra Pro-4X
Nissan Pathfinder
Isuzu Trooper w/ v-6

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You can’t sell enough tie-dye anything to afford a used Land Rover.

The common answer here is find what you like and can afford and pay about 100 to 150 dollars and have it inspected and hope for the best.

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I’d be SLEEPING in my car if tie-dye was my sole source of income. :grin: Just a hobby, the 9-5 job means I can afford to pay more than $100-$150.

The pathfinder would be near the top of that list for me, crv not listed?

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Thanks for the feedback on the Pathfinder. The CRV drive system seems to be more of an AWD than a 4WD. I’ve driven AWD SUVs on the beach and they get stuck.

The Xterra would be a great choice, or the Toyota 4runner.

Most Patriots and Compass models sold are not off road capable.

Thanks, I’ll look at the 4runner

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

The newer Pathfinders are completely different vehicles then the older ones. So which years are you referring to.

XTerra is no longer made.

The $100 to $150 is for the pre purchase inspection.

What about watching other people driving on the beach to see how well their vehicle does.

Ah, that makes sense.