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Suggestions for aftermarket radio

I have replaced the OE radio in my GM truck with several replacements. The first was an OEM unit out of an earlier Cadillac that had both a cassette, and CD player. It was quite good but was replaced with a Boss double-din unit from Crutchfield that failed in 2 weeks. And was replaced with a second Boss that failed in one week which was replaced by a Blupunkt unit that just failed a year later replaced by another Boss touch-screen unit whose CD player does not work. I never listen to CD’s anymore, I love the touch-screen and the bluetooth works very well so I’m not sure I’m going to swap return it. I am really getting disappointed with Crutchfield after a very long relationship.

ALL of the sub $200 units are all built in China, most all differ only in the fascia and all are complete junk. Very poor reception, especially on AM. If the $65 radio works well, I’d love to find know.