Sudden gas/mile change

2007 honda fit

was always getting 38 mpg

moved to baltimore, and a sudden drop,

to 28 mpg

honda says it’s the gas in maryland

hog wash i say!

please help before i think it’s me!

Different gas may explain a change of 2-3 mpg, but not 10 mpg.

Where did you come from? How has you total driving habitat changed as a result of the move? If your previous location meant driving at 60 mph on highways with relatively few stops and that compares to driving in lots of stop and go commuting traffic your mileage will vary a lot, up to 10 mpg.

It’s hard to tell if you have a mechanical problem or not from the info we have so far.

Where did you move from?

The EPA mandates different fuel blends for different regions. The difference in driving habits, traffic, and fuel blends could account for the radical change in fuel mileage. I noticed a major change in fuel mileage when I moved from Tennessee to Atlanta. The combination of smog-reducing fuel blend and congested traffic really killed my MPG. I was getting a steady 27 MPG, then noticed it dropped to 22 MPG. I believe the traffic congestion is the major factor, but fuel blend differences also contribute.

Find Out Which Little State Around There Has Real Gasoline. Hop Over And Fill Up.

Then check your mpg.

Did you check on all of the simple stuff first (before attributing the loss to different gas)? Air pressure in all four tires? Alignment (this is an issue after potholes in the Winter)? Air filter? Spark Plugs? New driving routes more stop and go than before? 10 mpg is a lot. But adding all of those simple things together, and throwing in a gas blend which results in lesser mpg, could explain it. Rocketman

Did you measure the difference several times over several tanks full, based on the number of miles and gallons, not the miles per tank or the numbers reported by some sort of on-board computer?

I think driving type changed. Baltimore is a city or urban which explains 28MPG which is likely close the EPA city for your vehicle.

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