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Suburban Transmission

I have a 1990 suburban that has had a rebuilt x-mission about 50,000 miles ago. At this time when I drive there is a hesitation, split second, when running on flat road. It happens when going up a hill, too.
My mechanic said change the: plug wires, then the plugs and rotor. No difference.

I think the thing is dropping out of OD for a split second and then going back in. If I drive in 3rd, I don’t think it is happening. Isn’t there a relay or solenoid that controls this function?



The next time you feel it going in and out of OD, take the toe of your left foot and place it under the brake pedal and pull up on the brake pedal. If doing this remedies the problem look for a problem with the brake pedal switch.


How long has it been since you changed the fuel filter?? Before you go changing anything on the transmission make sure the problem is not drivability related.